Health Administration BPO

Infosytech BPO offerings for medicinal services payers

Infosytech Payer BPO affects more than 30 million lives through its administrations spreading over:

  • Claims administration
  • provider/ system administration
  • member administration
  • plan/ profit administration
  • care administration

Our administrations are expanded by influential business and operational investigation, and additionally, our skill in operations counseling and engineering.

Our model includes BPO-particular offerings, point arrangements, investigation, engineering, and counseling.

Not with standing payer organization, we likewise give installment honesty, review administrations, application help, and different scientific administrations including operational investigation.

Point solutions

We team up with you to make point arrangements that bring operational productivity and authoritative adequacy. Our coordinated IT-BPO point arrangements in cases organization, supplier administrations, advantage coding, and arrangement setup have gotten generous benefit and quality changes.


Our committed practice crosswise over business and operational investigation helps payers with operation examination, extortion investigation, investigation for administrative agreeability, (for example, Stars and HEDIS), supplier execution investigation, ACO/ PCMH investigation, and supplier system ampleness administrations

Technology and consulting

We influence skill, strategy, and devices from Infosys to help payers as they fight to lessen the expense of use improvement, upkeep and backing, and fittings. Our payer counseling practice has mastery crosswise over business, operations, and engineering counseling. We help with payers' outline, vast scale IT and business change projects, and aide them on turnkey activities.