Cloud Technology

Cloud Computing is a range of software services offered when and just how much ever required. The benefit to the consumer employing the cloud platform is the elasticity and the nominal association that is required in technology, hence helping them emphasis on their core business functionality.

Using a cloud computing model empowers the customer with high end computing resources at a lesser cost. Resources are scalable and very reliable. The primary reason for this is because high end resources are shared among multiple users and used on an as-required basis. This enables efficient use of computing resources with minimal downtime, which results in lower per-unit costs. Expensive operational and maintenance costs are reduced because these are spread among multiple users.

Infosytech with its technical expertise in the cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web services (AWS) can help reduce development time by making use of the myriad of cloud computing features. Infosytech can work with an organization by analyzing its current computations processes versus its ideal best case scenario. Based on this analysis Infosytech can help decide on functionality that need to be in the premise versus located elsewhere where costs are lower. Services are then built to connect applications for efficient and optimal functionality.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Achieve economies of scale

Reduce spending on technology infrastructure

Globalize your workforce on the cheap

Streamline processes

Reduce capital costs

Improve accessibility

Monitor projects more effectively

Less personnel training is needed

Minimize licensing new software

Improve flexibility