ECS - Support

The marketing of ECS involves the communicating its Product value to its potential customers for attracting and retaining customers. The INFOSYTECH will engage holistic marketing—Relationship marketing, Internal marketing, Integrated marketing and socially responsive marketing keeping in view of Capturing marketing Insights-Connecting with customers-Building strong Brand in its market-Shaping the marketing offerings-Delivering and the communicating the values-Developing niche based marketing plans.

INFOSYTECH possesses great deal of market information about the prized customers which will be leveraged to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how INFOSYTECH can better communicate with them. Further, Infosytech will employ several programs with the goal of getting the largest bang for the buck as the marketing budget is fairly limited, but a necessary expenditure such as advertisements in local newspapers, the Register-Guard and the Eugene Weekly, as well as provide free community workshops as a method of networking. The last component of the promoting method will be the utilization of a hearty site that will inventory the majority of the distinctive administrations offered by Creative Concepts.

Target Market

The target market for INFOSYTECH’s ECS is mostly the Enterprises in IT industry and large and medium Technology driven enterprises which provide a complete set of utilities and Interfaces across networks and applications.

Promotional Marketing Strategy

  • INFOSYTECH is planning to communicate with its clients about ECS in a variety of ways. Information about our company and as well as the Product ECS will be made available via the corporate website, Technology partner portals, social media marketing sources, direct mails, and by sales team.
  • The Company's' special exertions try to separate its items from those of its competitors.
  • INFOSYTECH’s destined to build greater strength by the long term relationship with its present and potential customers. Hence the first and foremost channel for promotion would be through its existing customers. This contact whether in-person or by phone, helps convey the core purpose of ECS, demonstrate the products’ unique features and benefits to the customers. This will help the company get a first-hand feedback before getting into the market.
  • As an introductory offer, ECS product experts will provide free training on the product usage and features of the products to a maximum of five people in the client location.

Distribution Strategy

ECS will be distributed by our field sales team in US and through varied market channels (INFOSYTECH corporate website) and across the globe. Keeping in view of the industry trends in different geographic areas and different customer base from its Partners, Customers and Employees, over the next three years, ECS seeks to penetrate to new markets in UK and Asia Pacific regions with vendor tie-up.

Customer Support and Product Support

INFOSYTECH is committed to superior levels of customer satisfaction. To this end INFOSYTECH intends to build an internal customer service department. This office will be staffed by educated individuals who are likewise talented in being successful on the phone in interpersonal relationship administration.