IEP - About the Product

For vital development and focused edge, it is critical for an association to comprehend the requirement for mechanization of the courses of action identified with Human Resource Management (HRM) to guarantee accommodation and simplicity to the workers working for the association. The rate of slip drops enormously when methodologies identifying with human assets (HR) are robotized, and helps the association to stay away from any such issues that may emerge in dealing with the issues relating to the representatives. Statistical surveying shows that the robotization of whole HR process which incorporates Recruitment, Visa Process, Timesheets, Payroll, Insurance and so on., altogether enhances the fulfillment levels of the workers and specifically demonstrated the effect on the Business development of the Organizations.

Considering the above, Infosytech Product Division distinguished a business case to enhance and HR forms through mechanization and started the improvement of one of its Flagship Product "IEP – An Integrated Career and Life Management Support System". This would be helpful for any association that would be ready to computerize their interior HR handle and those associations that attempt HR transforming remotely. Despite the fact that, the arrangement is suitable for any Business, Infosytech is going for the Staffing Industry, where the income produced is essentially through sourcing their worker