We Care

We constantly contribute and care for our society by servicing..We are proud that our employees contribute to the below Non-Profit entities:




Infosytech is committed to the communities in which it operates. This has led to the establishment of Infosytech Foundation to support the underprivileged sections of society. A not-for-profit initiative aimed at fulfilling the social responsibility of Infosytech, the Infosytech Foundation creates opportunities and strives towards a more equitable society.

Established in 2008, the Infosytech Foundation supports programs and organizations devoted to the cause of the destitute, rural poor, mentally challenged, and economically disadvantaged sections of the society. Its mission is to work in remote regions of several states in India.

The Infosytech Foundation prides itself on working with the poorest of the poor, selecting projects with infinite care and working in areas that are normally overlooked by the larger society.

At the outset, the Infosytech Foundation implemented programs in Andhra Pradesh, Also it conducted seminars and made lot of knowledge awareness in the Nephrology related health issues. Infosytech is dedicated to Kidney research and has invested lot of time and effort in educating communities on Kidney related problems. A dedicated team at the Foundation identifies programs in the areas of healthcare, education, culture, destitute care and rural development.

The Infosytech Foundation improves healthcare infrastructure, supports primary education, rehabilitates abandoned women and children, and preserves Indian art and culture. We partner with non-government organizations (NGOs) to make a difference among local communities.

We receive requests for funding of projects through the calendar year. Our panel of experts evaluates proposals in the areas of culture, destitute care, education, healthcare, and rural development. We prioritize projects by assessing their impact, and match funding requirement with availability of funds in our corpus.